Drama Skits on Drug Awareness 2006-2007


The characters that will be in the play are listed in the NEW POST. Memorize your lines by MONDAY!!!

If you can stay after on Monday, please have someone pick you up from school at 4:30 p.m. We will meet in my room immediately after school.

If you have a prop or costume or makeup to play your character, please bring it on MONDAY


Emily L. says:

Mrs. Nero, I”M alergic to make-up so I can’t do makeup!

Kiersten is the dog digity dog!! says:

I want to be the popular person bad guy in the crowd
also i really dont know what will i where yet?

Amy S says:

Hi Amy,

Please add the Narrators and one other police officer. The officer just needs one or two lines. Talk to Megan, Alyssa, and Taylor about their skit…you can ask for their script and combine both (they can have their names on the script too! 🙂 )

Costumes – Whatever you would wear normally to a party, school, etc. is fine. If you have specific ideas, list them here so we can talk to them in class or at the meeting tomorrow after school. Can you attend? Also, if you have any ideas for set design, post the ideas in a new message. I would make separate messages for each of these items of interest, so that they’re easier to find for the actors/backstage crew/set design crew/etc..

Mrs. Nero, can we please talk about the costumes tomorrow? I kind of had certain ideas for the outfits that we could use as an option or start for the outifts. Also, do I still need to add a father into the story? I would really like to hear from you some time today because I need to know what other characters I need to add into the script. Thank you bunches!!! 🙂

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