Drama Skits on Drug Awareness 2006-2007

{October 23, 2006}   Drug Awareness Assembly ~ Set Design

Leave your ideas for the set design here.


shortpump says:

We have a couch and two chairs in the teacher’s Resource Lounge. Sound like something we can use?

Matt B. says:

i say we have chairs and a table with a plant in the hospital

wells says:

i think that the set should be full of graphiti. I think this because some ppl that somoke also go around putting graphiti up. this would make it realistic

Tye P says:


Do you mean just have a plain stage?

Riley H. and nikki says:

I think we should ask the nurse if we can borrow one of the beds in the clinic for the hospital oom

Reeves says:

People should be passed out in the chairs from the drugs

NotemoXXJARADXX says:

We should get sum1 to make.. big posters. LAWL
But we should.. or have like 3 big posters and just flip posters around when there is a new place.



Amy S says:

I think that for the school scene, we could make a paper background of lockers (like 3 or 4 lockers), for the party scene I think that we should have the couch with the two chairs, smashed cans on the floor, like a jacket on the lamp, and pizza boxes. For the house scene, we can use like the couch or the two chairs from the party scence. Then for the hospital, we should take a table with a white blanket and a couple of chairs with a side table for the waiting room.

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